Add a Towing Service to Your Auto Body Repair Franchise

An auto body repair franchise has the potential for great success. There are so many drivers on the road today which means there are always vehicles that need to be fixed. Making sure that you have a well run auto body franchise is the key to success. You want to make sure you offer a variety of services, have great customer service and be ready for anything that comes your way. You need to make your auto body franchise a one stop shop for all of your customers. Sometimes that may mean adding different services to your auto body franchise to make it better and as customer friendly as possible. One such service you could add is a towing service.

Many people today are looking for convenience in everything they do from getting gas to auto body repair. So, if you want to get customers to your auto body franchise you need to make it convenient. In striving to be convenient you will need to make your auto body franchise a one stop shop for all customers. Not all customers will be able to simply drive their car into your shop for repair. So, it would be very helpful to add a towing service option for your auto body franchise shop.

To add a towing service to your auto body shop there are a few options you could considers. First you may want to have an in house towing service that only works for you, you may want to get a tow truck and get the certification required and do it yourself, or you may want a towing service that will recommend you to their customers but is not only towing for you. Let’s take a look at all of these options.

First you may decide to have a towing service on site that only tows for you. This can be great because you will always have someone to tow people if they call you. However it can be quite costly since they are only working for you they may ask you to pay a little more.

Next you could consider getting your own tow truck and all the certifications that are needed. This is great because you will always have the tow truck on site to go pick up cars. You will also be receiving the extra money that the customer pays for the towing service. However, it can be expensive to purchase the truck, insurance and whatever else you may need to operate it.

Or you may want just have an agreement with a towing company that they will recommend you to customers or you can recommend them to tow your customers to your shop. This is great for both businesses. The only down fall of this is that they will work for other business or independent car owners so they may not be as quick since they may be handling other customers. This is a great arrangement other than that.

So, there are many ways you can add a towing service to your auto body franchise. It will help to provide that one stop shop for your customers!

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Article Source: Add a Towing Service to Your Auto Body Repair Franchise