Character Traits To Teach and Have

Character is the set of qualities that make somebody distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality and moral fiber. Your character is the attitude and set of mind which indicates to others who you are and what you stand for.

As you read through this small list of admirable character traits, check the ones that you believe are a part of your inner guidance system. Do your children know that you feel strongly about these attributes and? Perhaps you should share with them the qualities that make you the person you are today.

– Appreciative – feel or express gratitude towards others
– Courageous – able to face your fears
– Committed – to pledge oneself on an issue or a question
– Compassionate – being sympathetic
– Confident – being sure of oneself
– Dependable – worthy of trust
– Fair – being honest and unbiased
– Faithful – being loyal
– Flexible – capable of changing
– Friendly – showing friendship
– Generous – giving or sharing
– Gentle – not rough or severe
– Grateful – appreciate of what one receives
– Honest – truthful
– Humble – not arrogant or proud
– Integrity – having moral or ethical principles
– Kind – considerate and helpful
– Loving – feeling or showing love
– Loyal – faithful to one’s commitments
– Optimistic – expect a favorable outcome of events
– Patient – bearing troubles without complaining
– Persistent – carrying on, in spite of opposition
– Resourceful – able to skillfully handle difficulties that arise
– Respectful of all – showing politeness and deference
– Responsible for choices – answerable and accountable
– Self-control – control one’s actions and feelings
– Sincere – mean what you say
– Tolerant – having respect for the rights and opinions of others
– Trustworthy – dependable, reliable
– Truthful – always tell the truth
– Warm and welcoming – greet others with kindness and pleasure

This is a partial list of character traits and values that could change our society and the world if they were incorporated into the lives of each person.

As teachers, parents, coaches and adults who work with youth on a daily basis, we have an opportunity to mentor the next generation.

The best teacher is a role model.

Children, neighbors and coworkers are watching what we do, much more than what we say. If we feel that character is important, do we show that belief in action? Do we follow our own spiritual compass? Do we want them to do as we do or just as we say?

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