Dog Training Tips You Can Use To Teach Your Dog

Regardless of the age of your dog it is never to late to train them. However, when possible, you should begin training a puppy at 6 to 8 weeks old. In this article we will look at dog training tips that you can use to train your dog or puppy. First of all positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog. Positive training leads to your dog wanting to please you and it will learn a lot faster. Dogs are like children in that they want to please you, but they need to be taught how. As soon as they know how to do this they will feel a part of your family.

By rewarding your dog with positive praise, and a treat, they will learn to listen to the command you are trying to teach. Each treat could be a piece of small chicken, or a tiny treat the size of a dime.

You do not want your dog eating off your table so teach them to lay down in their bed when it is time to sit down at the table to eat. Dogs need to only eat their own dog food.

When teaching your dog to stay, go down, and sit, you want to use a lower firm voice. But for the come and heel command do this in a friendly voice. Just make sure that all are firm but friendly commands. By using a different voice they will know you are teaching them something.

It used to be thought when a dog had an accident you rubbed their nose in it or you hit their nose with a newspaper. Do not do this because it is wrong. When you learn something you want positive praise and so does your dog. When your dog has an accident take it outside and show them were they should go.

The wrong way to train your dog is to punish them. You will scare them and they will be afraid of you and not learn what you are trying to teach them. To help your dog learn keep training them everyday day and give those little treats.

When your dog follows a command make sure you use positive praise and a treat so they know you are watching them and that you are proud of them. Hopefully you can use these dog training tips to teach your do what you want it to do.

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Article Source: Dog Training Tips You Can Use To Teach Your Dog