Finding & Getting Webmaster Support!

Internet marketing has become this huge phenomena in the last ten to fifteen years. Literally thousands of internet businesses are being started every single day in north america alone, and the interesting thing about it is that a good percentage of the people that start these businesses, don’t know a thing about the internet. Let alone marketing on it!

I remember when I first started online (this goes back years), I got a hold of a recorded video seminar and as you can imagine, I was glued to the screen watching every move of these multi millionares. They were supposedly THE deal and everyone expected to receive a magic success formula from them. After all, how else would these gurus have made their millions?

Well, I don’t remember much about that particular video anymore, except for one scene – where the guru jokingly promised that she would tell everyone exactly where she got all of her secrets from. She had everyones attention all of a sudden. To their disappointment though she says: "GOOGLE".

Now, I am certain that you have heard gurus say that in the past as well and wether you agree or disagree is irrelevant. Fact is, there really is no magic or secret when it comes to internet marketing. Take my word for it: I have seen it all.

If anything, there is a formula, and here it is: Do what successful internet marketers do, and you will be successful. It is as simple as that!

Having said that though, google might not always be the best place to go to if you are just starting out. There is a lot of information out there and by the time you have sifted through it all, you will most likely suffer from information overload. So what do you do?

Join a webmaster forum, bookmark webmaster resource sites, and last but definitely not least, read articles that have been written by experts in the field.

By joining a forum with like minded people, you will find that you are not the only person on the world wide web that has questions about whatever it is you are struggling with. Forums are the ideal place to discuss these problems and to come up with a solution. Remember: two minds are better than one.

Another advantage about webmaster forums is that even though you are all a like minded bunch of people, you all have different strengths and weaknesses. Something you might consider straight forward might be something someone else is struggling with. On the flip side though, if YOU are the one struggling with something, someone else might just be an expert in that.

Build a reputation as one who likes to help, and guess what… other webmasters will have no problem helping you either. Remember: It is always better to give than it is to receive!

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