Giving Good Customer Service

At some point in our lives most of us have heard the old saying, “The customer is always right”. This means that even when they’re wrong they’re right. This is the number one most important rule in giving good customer service. Implementing this rule is absolutely necessary for a business to be 100% successful.

People have communicated with each other since the world began. It’s part of our everyday lives. Think about all the people that you communicate with throughout your day. You would probably be amazed at the number. How many of these people were in a, what you could call, “Customer Service” position?

No matter what time a person starts work the chances are good that they are going to stop at a gas station, coffee shop, a fast food restaurant, or maybe even a party store to grab a cup of coffee. When you go inside or drive up to the window, the employee that is taking your order is required to give you good customer service. An employee that has been properly trained will have their focus on you, the customer, not having a food fight with their co-workers or talking on their cell phone. (The order being correct is a thumb’s up from me.)

The majority of the places that you shop have a Customer Service Department. This is the place where you go if you want to return something or if you have a complaint of some kind.

Customer service over the telephone isn’t much different except, you cannot see the person that you are talking to. It is important to keep your voice pleasant and to speak clearly when on the phone with a customer.

Giving good customer service is just as important to online businesses as it is to offline. It is absolutely necessary that our customers have a way to contact us. Before signing up on a website try sending them a support ticket and wait for a reply. If you receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time, then go back to the site and sign up. A reasonable amount of time would be 24-48 hours, and in some cases 72 hours. It is very frustrating to deal with a company that does not have good customer service.

There are websites on the internet that do not have any form of contact whatsoever so, please try and avoid these sites.

Doing this type of work is not always pleasant, and, can be stressful at times. I think that for the most part people are easy to deal with, but, once in a while you will have an irate customer. This is where the challenge of rule number one comes in. Keep your customers happy and not only will they come back, but they will bring their friends and family with them.

Just be friendly, speak clearly, keep you voice pleasant and smile!

As business owners we need to be certain that our employees are trained properly. Our employees are the reflection of us.

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Article Source: Giving Good Customer Service