Great Products, Support, and Mentors Make a Difference

Knowing what to do to make a living online can be tough. You might have tried your hand at Internet marketing before. Maybe you’ve heard all the hype from one program or product and found out it was tough to make any sales from your site you were given. What happened? Why didn’t your website generate sales?

Firstly, what is your product? Is it a good one? Do people need it? How about the support? Is there a training site? How bout live training?

The problem with many online companies is their lack of a good product and lack of support itself. Let’s pretend that you want to join a company on the Internet that sells logos on sportswear. You sign up and receive your very own website where people can order sports wear with custom logos. You make a great commission of each sale. Plus, each person who orders logo wear from your site also gets a site. And a portion of sales from each new site under yours delivers you a commission. Sounds wonderful. And it is. It really does work and very well and efficiently for the companies and for many of their members, but certainly not all. Let’s assume the product is a great one. You should have no problem making sales right? But does the company offer training? No matter how great the product is, if you can’t get traffic to your site, your logos site will be hanging a vacancy sign in the window.

What’s the secret? What does it take to drive traffic to your site short of lots and lots of money? Doing one or both of 2 things can make a big difference. They are one, implementing certain tactics to drive many thousands of people to their site in a cost-effective way and 2, they are giving support to their down line so they are successful. Doing these two things makes sales for you and especially, those below you that then pay you again.

Generate traffic to your site as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s really the main job you have to do. We want to do this with as little effort and pain as possible. Get more and more people to visit your site and join or buy. To get traffic to your site, you must get your site out in front of people’s eyes. That is the first thing you must do.

The second thing is so crucial is what you provide for your down line, the new person who just bought into your company through your site. Will they know what to do? Of course probably not. Are they going to make sales and make you rich? That’s the hope, but they probably won’t without your help. And that seems like a waste of time and money.

So what can you do? How can you find out how to drive traffic to your site? Do e-books do the job? How about a DVD? I can say that these can surely help and reading never hurt anyone. But that’s a lot of DVDs to watch and e-books to read.

I am going to suggest a far more rapid way to get up and running. A better way to do it is to find a mentor who knows how to drive traffic to a site and generate sales. Do you know one? How about the guy down the street? What would he charge to teach you how to market online? Maybe there’s some service out there that for a nominal charge would teach you everything you needed to know. But that is pretty unlikely to happen. The secret is finding a mentor who is willing to teach these tactics. The secrets aren’t hard necessarily. But you need to have them to succeed, period.

In conclusion, you have several things you can do to get well on our way wit Internet marketing. First, find a product that has a good reputation for the product itself and the support that is provided. Gather a plan. To find a plan, using a mentor can greatly increase your chance for success by using only a handful of things you need to implement to succeed in driving traffic to your site. And finally, make sure your down line has the same support you needed to get started. Providing them with a link to a mentor can greatly increase their sales and therefore your commissions as well. Implementing this simplified plan can help you stay on the right track and succeed where others fail.

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Article Source: Great Products, Support, and Mentors Make a Difference