How To Choose The Right SEO Service

If you want successful search engine rankings without resorting to any tactic that search engines like Google, MSN, Live, or Yahoo might frown upon, you need to find yourself a reliable SEO company that will provide you with clean and deception-free SEO service. This is especially true if you are making your living through your website. One bad move, like a using a black hat tactic, even without your knowledge, can land you in the doghouse and rid you of clients and income. Sounds bad? If you don’t have a good SEO service provider working with your right now, here are few tips on finding them.

1. Google them. The easiest way to find out if a particular SEO is one that you should avoid is typing their name into Google or any other large search engine, and adding the words bad SEO, SEO blacklist or SEO scam. If other people have had unpleasant experiences with a particular SEO service they will most likely want other people to know about it.

2. Do not go for the black hat SEOs. You probably already know them, or you probably won’t recognize them even if they’re right under your nose. Black hat SEOs you should avoid like the plague if you want to stay best buddies with Google or Yahoo. Avoid SEOs that guarantee number one rankings right off the bat, change meta tags, or create doorway pages to help you climb up the ranking ladder.

3. You can look for good SEO firms by joining SEO forums such as Clikz, SearchDay or SearchGuild. You can also ask for recommendation from friends or from other websites that you trust. Friends who have experienced quality SEO service from SEO firms will most likely recommend them to you.

4. Once you have a potential SEO firm on your sights, do some digging. Research on the company profile, how long they’ve been in business, company accounts, number of full-time employees and such. A firm knows for good SEO service will usually be in business for a relatively longer amount of time than a firm that specializes in black hat techniques.

5. A good SEO firm will give you detailed answer about how they intend to help you get the rankings that you want. Asking them about this is one way to make sure that you are not dealing with a black hat SEO, and one way to tell them that you don’t want any black hat tactics used.

6. A good SEO service means that they also provide a reliable customer support service. A good customer service is one reliable way to gauge the company’s reliability as a whole, so if you find a customer service that is available whenever you need it, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself a good SEO.

Choosing the right SEO can make the difference between higher page rankings and a successful online business, or getting lower rankings and worse, getting booted out. Choose your SEO firm carefully using the guide above and you’ll be on your way to a profitable online business.

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