How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time with a Watch

Children love to learn new things. Learning how to tell time can be really fun for a child who has their own watch. It is even more fun if you give them a new watch with one of their favorite characters from Disney or their favorite cartoon. Here is how you can teach your child to tell time with their very own watch.

Encourage them with a new character watch. Let them know that they are an important "big kid" now, and they are responsible enough to tell time. Awarding them with a new analog watch will make them feel special and they will be excited to learn how to use it. Cartoon characters on the watch will add an element of light-heartedness and fun to the whole experience. Make sure that the watch is not digital, because that would defeat the whole purpose of this idea.

Next, teach them about the two main hands on the watch. One hand is for the minute, that is the longer hand, and the shorter hand is for the hour. It is even better if the watch has a second hand, so that they can practice counting the seconds. Teach them that there are 60 seconds to every minute, and 60 minutes to every hour. To keep track of the minutes on the watch, your children will have to learn to count by fives. Practice counting by five with them, out load, so that they can get used to it.

Once your child is used to the basics of reading the watch and counting time, pop quiz them, in a fun way, at different times. Ask them what time it is when they are ready to leave for school, and when they get home. When you go out, leave your watch at home, and ask them to keep time for you. Ask them what time it is every once in a while, so they will feel smart and important.

If your child makes a mistake, don’t call them stupid or make them feel bad. Look at the watch with them and help them count. Figure out what mistake they made, and help them realize what they did wrong so they won’t make the same mistake again. Watches can be tricky sometimes, especially near the end of the hour.

Your child with love their new watch, and have fun telling you what time it is. It’s a great way to bond with your kids.

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Article Source: How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time with a Watch