How To Teach Your Children Not To Smoke

If you have a young smoker in your home and you would like to be able to help them quit, there are several things you can do to help. If this young person hasn’t started yet and you still smoke, you might want to stop smoking in front of them or do your smoking outside the home. You might really need to make sure that they think that you have quit by removing the ashtrays from your home or just make sure that they don’t find them. This might not keep them from smoking, but it will make them think.

If we try to make these young smokers see that the side effects of smoking are not pretty, maybe they won’t even start. If you need to, tell them that if they smoke they will start to age faster and if this isn’t enough, you might want to tell them that smoking will make them lose their teeth sooner. You can get to the young girls a lot easier by telling them that their looks will become the first thing affected by the smoking of those cigarettes. To girls, their looks are almost everything as we see by all of the make-up they wear.

When they wear a lot of make-up and it’s left on the face for several hours and they smoke, this smoke will get into this make-up and will work its way onto the skin, causing the skin to become dry and rough to the touch. This way might be a good way for you to get skin cancer. We think the only way you get cancer is from being in the sun too long, but think again. As for boys, they are another thing as they really don’t care about their looks. You have to think about what does matter the most to them and learn how to use this information to your advantage.

As we have learned from all of the tests that have been done on young smokers, appeal to girls by telling them what smoking will do to their youthful appearance and tell the boys how it will affect their hormone levels. If they knew that it would affect this, they might think twice before taking that first cigarette. Be as honest as possible with your children about the effects on their bodies from the start, and you might be able to keep some of these young people from starting in the first place. Maybe you might be able to help some of them quit.

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