RFID Solutions For Field Service

Organizations employing fieldworkers all have business influences such as worker productivity, customer service and cost reduction that flow directly to the bottom line profitability of the business.

Commercial and Residential HVAC, Utility Power Generation and Distribution, Subway, Railway, Electrical Contractors, Commercial Lamping and relamping, Mechanical Contractors, White Goods Repair, Commercial Freezers and Cooling Repair, Plumbers, ATM Service and more carry specialized inventories that are needed to perform the correct services within a reasonable timeframe.

While many of these service organizations are now using mobile devices for dispatch and collecting some service information, RFID technology offers a superior benefit over manual data entry or bar code technology.

RFID tags can be read when dusty or dirty and in almost any environmental condition offering a superior alternative to inaccurate manual data entry or bar code label technology that does not have the life or readability rate that RFID tags do. Some RFID tags also have additional memory capacity making them ideal for the fieldworker industries to store maintenance and repair histories.

Organizations that repair and maintain assets can utilize RFID technology to reduce the number of parts required on a service vehicle, eliminate manual data entry, improve productivity, and improve customer service. These benefits all contribute to the overall health and profitability of the business.

When a field worker reads an RFID tag they accurately identify the asset. The RFID reader dates and time stamps this read eliminating the need for the worker to enter a start and stop time of the repair.

Economical paper RFID labels can be used to accurately identify the parts required for the repair and memory RFID tags can be utilized on the asset to collect the history of what work was performed, eliminating the need to be in constant contact with the dispatch office in order to "know" what happened in the past and what "should be" required to fix or maintain the asset.

The benefits of fieldworker RFID technology further extends into the vehicle replenishment system, the vehicle service history, accurate forecasting of inventory requirements, reduction of standing inventories, increasing accuracy of service scheduling, improving fieldworker Key Performance Indicators, and increasing first time service rates. RFID technology has excellent ROI when applied to mobile field service industries.

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GAO RFID delivers RFID readers, RFID tags, as well as turnkey system RFID solutions that consist of highly integrated hardware and software and professional services. These professional services include ‘proof-of-concept’, systems integration and ‘prototyping’ services. Our team of experienced technology professionals has a mandate to recognize and understand your business’s RFID needs. Through this knowledge, we are able to help you deploy RFID technology that will maximize your return on investment (ROI) right from the start and ensure its expandability as the applications grow through the evolution of the technology (future-proofing).

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