Save Money On Phone, TV And Internet Service

The general rule with phone, TV, and Internet service is that more choice equates to less stress on your wallet. By having a variety of service types, and providers, your choices for it can be quite dynamic. Before you throw your hands in the air, because you think you have a limited choice of service, I suggest you continue to read this article. You’ll be surprised by the options you don’t know about.

Before we get started, please clear your mind of what you think phone, TV, or Internet service is. The reason I say this is because if I ask one person what phone service is, they may reply with something about cellular phone service, while another may mention land-line phone service. To get the most bang for your buck, you’re going to need to explore new territories. This applies to TV, and Internet service too.

The current trend in saving money one it is to get it all on one bill, or bundle services. Bundled phone, TV, and Internet services can be purchased through a traditional phone company, or cable company. If you bundle with a phone company, services available will likely be DSL Internet, satellite TV, land-line, or broadband phone service, and cell phone service. When you bundle through your cable company, you’ll likely have cable Internet, broadband phone, and of course, cable TV.

Though getting everything on one bill can be less expensive, not to mention convenient, you may be able to save an even larger amount of money, and even get better services by going through separate companies for each service, or by getting the best deal for each individual service in your area. You may even need one kind of service for another kind of service to work, as is the case with broadband phone service.

Broadband phone service needs a broadband Internet connection like cable Internet, or DSL to work. The benefit to broadband phone service is that it is much less expensive than land-line phone service, and is a great replacement for it. The savings can justify using a high speed broadband Internet connection, instead of slow, annoying dial-up Internet. A marriage of broadband Internet service, and broadband phone service is one that will make your wallet very happy.

If you’re like me, you have to have your cell phone service. If you use your cell phone quite often, you’ll do best with a regular monthly plan. If you only use cellular service for convenience, or rarely, you’ll save big bucks by switching to prepaid. If you rarely use your cellular service, try to get a prepaid plan that lets you add time to your phone as you need it. This way you’re not paying for time you don’t use. Monthly prepaid plans are best for those who don’t have the credit to get a regular monthly cellular plan, but still like to gab. If you’re a talker, don’t do pay-as-you-go.

TV service also comes in a variety of choices. Both cable, and satellite TV service providers offer a basic service, and you can add features like HD programming, or DVR service, and equipment with digital television services from there. Whether you want bare bones TV service, or the works, you’ll need to keep in mind that cable, or satellite TV like Dish Network, and DirecTV all have some programming that is exclusive to them, so don’t be afraid to shop around. If you’re really frugal, you could always opt for rabbit ears.

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