Support Normal Prostaglandin Production With CLA

An imbalance of hormones in the body can cause a host of problems. Prostaglandin is a fatty acid that takes on the characteristics of a hormone. This fluid is isolated from the male prostate. In women, it is known for its pain relieving effect on the uterus and is often used during labor and delivery to calm contractions and reduce cramping.

Prostaglandin soothes muscle contractions, reduces pain, reduces inflammation and controls hormones. When it isn’t functioning properly, however, you will likely experience more pain and discomfort. CLA is one supplement that can help support natural prostaglandin production.

Conjugates Linolic Acid (CLA)

CLA is sometimes suggested for overweight and obese people for weight loss. It is a trans fat that is said to reduce belly fat. It is a popular dietary supplement. CLA is a designer fat in some ways. It acts as a good fat in the body, much like olive oil and similar products that are healthy for you. It is a lipid that is structured in a way that promotes health and improves prostaglandin production.

CLA helps to build muscle, burn fat, increase metabolism and fight cancer. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and enhances the immune system to fight off germs and diseases. It also acts as a natural fatty acid. It can be found in your diet in beef and dairy products. The omega 6 fatty acid in CLA offers a lubricant for the body. It smoothes body functions and gets things moving again.

The beauty of taking a CLA capsule is that it provides you with the fatty acids your body needs without the guilt of eating the extra calorie-laden foods. You can change your composition of fat and muscle while eating less food and without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Most experts agree that CLA is safe for human consumption and are reasonably certain of the positive benefits it can offer. However, there is inconclusive data from research studies that have been conducted thus far. Further testing in humans must be done to determine the effectiveness of CLA and the possible side effects it may bring.

Studies on Prostaglandin Production and CLA

According to Mark Cook and his team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CLA supplements work to naturally regulate COX-2 proteins.

Studies on animals have recently shown that CLA can control bone loss by allowing better calcium absorption. This is made possible by lowering prostaglandin levels in bone tissue. Further studies on humans and prostaglandin need to occur before there is any concrete evidence.

Research does suggest some side effects from consuming synthetic CLA. It can cause lowered good cholesterol, higher glucose levels and insulin resistance. Though studies on animals have shown that eating foods high in CLA rather than taking a supplement is safer, it would not be practical for people to eat that much meat and cheese.

There is not enough evidence to prove that CLA can support normal prostaglandin production. CLA is deemed safe as a supplement for now, but experts caution users not to exceed 1000 milligrams of CLA per day just as a precaution. Too much of a good thing can be problematic, as well.

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Article Source: Support Normal Prostaglandin Production With CLA