Teach Your Dog NOT To Bite Now

A dog or a puppy normally passes through the stage when they bite or chew on anything they can get their young teeth on. This is very similar to a human baby’s teething stage, or on the oral stage of a child’s psychological growth. A puppy’s teething can cause his gums to itch or hurt, and chewing on things relieves the discomfort.

In teaching your dog not to bite, you must identify the triggers that cause this, then concentrate on correcting these things. The following are tips on how to discourage the biting reflex while the puppy is still young.

1. Socialize your dog at a young age. When your dog is well socialized, he becomes more sensitive and considerate towards others, be they humans or other dogs. Biting might seem cute and harmless when your puppy is still very young, but it’ll be neither when your dog is older and much stronger.

2. Consistency is the key to taking out this bad habit/behavior. Every time your dog bites, give him a big "NO" in a strong, firm and stern voice. Then immediately walk away and ignore him. This will slowly be ingrained in your dog’s mind when you do this every time he bites.

3. Correct him, then reconnect. A moment after you correct your dog and when he has calmed down, pet him and gently stroke him. Tummy tickles are usually a great way of reconnecting with your dog. However, make sure not to excite him too much and this time make sure that you position your hands and arms away from his mouth.

4. Avoid Roughhousing. Remember always never to play roughly with a dog that is inclined to bite. Roughhousing encourages this behavior and it establishes biting in your dog’s mind. Never let your dog misbehave in anyway. If you let him do so, your puppy may get the upper hand and grow up with very bad behavior.

5. Do not strike your dog when correcting him. It is not wise to strike a pup for being disobedient or aggressive. Just give him a stern NO warning whenever he strays out of bounds. Punishment through physical actions is the easiest way to breakdown any trust and respect that your pet has for you, and trust and respect are the foundation for a successful training program with your dog. Scolding or beating a dog will not stop it from biting; it will just scare and confuse him.

In difficult cases where your dog is very stubborn and continues to bite, you may then try the water spray bottle method. Keep a water spray bottle handy and squirt your dog’s face with water while saying NO in a strict and stern voice whenever he bites. This will leave an impression on your dog. But do make sure that the nozzle is set to spray before doing this. The aim here is to startle your puppy.

On the other hand, praise your dog whenever he does something right. Treats can also help promote positive behavior and give him an incentive to behave at all times.

If your dog is really proving to be hard to control then it is advisable to get professional help. People who have experience with different dogs can help your dog become a good member of society.

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Article Source: Teach Your Dog NOT To Bite Now