Teach Your Kid Good Food Eating Habits With Fun Activities

As parents you have had experiences where you constantly worry about the eating habits of your kids. A large percentage of kids are finicky eaters and or they eat at their sweet will with parents especially moms fretting out on their eating habits.

It is time then to take action and try to inculcate some eating habits using fun as a medium as opposed to threatening or bribing the kids. Remember bribe never helps as kids are smart and they will resort to not eating the food till you give the bribe again. It is not at all a healthy practice.

The first step for parents is not to worry too much about the kids finicky eating. Kids will grow based on the genes they inherit and they have enough in their bodies to sustain them without food for longer periods of time. If you try to feed the kid every now and then it will instill him an aversion for food. Just try and relax before to start making any conscious efforts for improving the kids eating habits.

Encourage your kid to kid to sit at the dinner table with all of the other family members. Make sure that you tell jokes and interesting stories at the dinner table. That will make the dinner or meal an enjoyable experience for the kid. Never ever scold him or nag him for not eating proper food.

Make the food with varying colors and tell the kid about those color coordinated foods. It will be a good learning activity for him and he will start enjoying the meals. Also make sure that when you lay out the food, you lay out in different interesting shapes and sizes. That way he will look forward to each day at the dinner table with something interesting to learn and see.

Another thing that parents usually ignore is that while selecting the food for the family you should make sure to take out the kid to grocery store and let him pick the foods. That way he will get to know the amazing variety of foods and also will start enjoying the meal cooked from the food that he helped pick. Another trick is to make a menu of the meals for the week in advance. Encourage your kid to participate in that and let him prepare those weekly lists on a big sheet of paper and paste it in his room. Tell him to strike out each day one by one.

Hopefully all these activities will help become a healthy eater and you will be happy too

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Article Source: Teach Your Kid Good Food Eating Habits With Fun Activities