Ten Tips To Teach Your Dog To Eliminate Outdoors

Does your dog urinate when visitors are present? Is your dog only housebroken when you are around? This is something you want to change fast, before it turns into a housebreaking problem! First, and most important: your dog needs to understand that urinating inside the house is Not Acceptable. Try to act with patience when you see this behavior. Don’t punish him or shout at your dog, or he may be traumatized. The result will be that your dog will be frightened every time he needs to relieve himself in your presence. You need to train your dog to urinate outside the house.

Below are a few tips for this type of dog training.

1. If you catch him in the act indoors, interrupt your dog by saying, "No!" Speak firmly, but don’t shout.

2. Take your dog out for a walk, and let him walk for five minutes or so.

3. When he squats to defecate, say "Go Poop!" in the voice you normally use for commands.

4. If he doesn’t do so, put him in a cage. Walk him again after 20 minutes.

5. When he does follow your orders, make much of your dog. Pat him, show your appreciation, and give him a reward.

Catching him in the act is really the only way you can train him for this. If you fail to catch him, it’s too late to say "No!"

When you take your dog for a walk, remember that you are required by law to clean up his feces. Carry a small plastic bag and a "pooper scooper". It doesn’t hurt to take a spray bottle of water and some wipes as well, in case he urinates in an inappropriate place. If you do not clean up after him immediately, whether indoors or on the road, your dog will think it’s acceptable to make a mess in these areas. Always alert the dog by saying, "No!" and cleaning up the mess right away.

Here are more steps you can take to house training a dog.

1. Buy a dog repellent to keep your dog away from furniture, carpets, etc. B’Have" is a spray repellent, while "Boundary" is a shaker can of granules. Their odors are not unpleasant to humans, but offensive to dogs.

2. Stray animals are attracted to places where other animals have urinated or defecated. Use one of the repellents above to mask residual odors. This discourages stray dogs from urinating in that area.

3. Your might want to train your dog to relieve himself on command. Choose a command word like "Pee!" or "Poop!" — short and crisp. As soon as he starts passing urine, say the word repeatedly. Then praise him when he’s done. Do this every time your dog begins to relieve himself. In a few weeks, you’ll find that the dog has formed the habit of urinating when he hears your command.

4. Don’t forget to reward your dog when he eliminates on command. You can carry a bag of dog treats on your walks so you don’t miss the "magic reward moment."

5. If your dog doesn’t relieve himself within five minutes of your command, put him in the cage for about 30 minutes, and then try again.

The key to training your dog to urinate and defecate appropriately is patience. Never shout or punish the dog if he doesn’t obey your commands. Make sure any outdoor furniture is placed away from the grass. This will make it less attractive to your dog.

If you follow these housebreaking hints and tips, your dog’s elimination habits will be "up to scratch"!

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