The Incredible Value Of Help And Support To Stop Smoking

The health hazards of smoking are well known. With an increasing awareness about health risks associated with smoking to both the smoker and those around them, people are looking for ways to break the habit. However, most often a person gives up after struggling for a while with the problems that crop up during and after quitting smoking.

It must be realized that instead of trying alone to overcome the problem it would be a better idea to garner some help and support to quit smoking. Those who take help and support from their family or otherwise are more likely to succeed in their endeavour.

It is true that aids like, hypnotherapy are highly effective in helping a person quit a habit as difficult to break as smoking, however, it is also likely that a person may be tempted to light up just one more time. Those who have put together a help and support system to stop smoking can bank on these people to discourage and prevent them from falling prey to temptation. Besides, this help and support to stop smoking is there for you to avail on a daily basis so the chances of succeeding are greater.

If you request help and support from your social network in order to stop smoking you are in fact availing excellent service, that too free of cost. It is quite possible that your family and friends may have been urging you to stop smoking for a long time and once you make up your mind to do so, it is obvious that they would go all out to help and support you to stop the habit. It has also been suggested that you make a conscious effort to take the help and support of those who are more likely to constantly nag you to quit smoking. However, this must not be overdone or it may get on the already jittery nerves of the person trying to give up smoking.

Once the word spreads that you are giving up smoking, you will be inundated with advice of all kinds. However, you must sift through these carefully and follow only those that you feel will be beneficial in your case. While you take the help and support of all those close to you in an attempt to stop smoking, you should also make yourself accountable to one particular person. Entrust the person with the task of checking on you every day so that you cannot steal a puff without his or her knowledge.

The real problem with giving up smoking begins with the advent of withdrawal symptoms that are not only physically tough to handle but also pose mental and emotional problems. Addiction to nicotine is both physical and psychological so, while you may be able to handle the physical problems, the psychological dependence is more difficult to beat. Here, help and support to stop smoking, which comes in the form of family and friends, is of incredible value.

Another important issue related to quitting smoking is that of remaining off it long term. Whereas giving up smoking is difficult staying that way is no less challenging. Here again, it is the help and support system that you have put together that is going to come to your help.

So, if considering giving up smoking, latch on to your near and dear ones for help and support and you will surely succeed in your attempt to stop smoking.

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Article Source: The Incredible Value Of Help And Support To Stop Smoking