The Top 7 Foreclosure Assistance Solutions Options

What can I do to stop foreclosure? Are there foreclosure assistance solutions available to help me? These are top questions that many Americans are finding themselves asking today. With so many foreclosures occurring, it leaves families in precarious positions, looking for foreclosure assistance solutions in lieu of foreclosure. Thankfully, there are some great solutions available.

John and Mary were an average couple. Both had jobs, a nice home, two cars, and were doing pretty well. However, John’s company was getting squeezed by the economy, so they laid him off, and at the same time the interest rates on their adjustable rate mortgage jumped, making their payment more than ever before in a time when they had less income than every before. Soon they were missing payments and facing foreclosure, frantically looking for foreclosure assistance solutions to help.

When you’re looking for foreclosure assistance solutions, there are several things to keep in mind. You want to make sure you choose the right solution for your needs, so here are several things to look for when searching for a foreclosure solution.

– Look for an Option That Will Help You Save Your Home – When you are weighing the various solutions available to you today, look for an option that will help you save your home if possible. This is not always possible, but the best choice.

– Make Sure You’re Not Getting Involved in a Scam – There are many scams out there, and when you’re trying to find the right foreclosure assistance solutions, keep your eyes open for scams.

– Don’t Pay for Help – There are many solutions out there and you shouldn’t have to pay for them. So, if they are asking for payment, this is not the right solution for you.

Solution #1 – Talk to Your Lender – Probably one of the best foreclosure assistance solutions to employ if you are facing foreclosure is to start out by talking to your lender. You need to let them know what the problem is. They don’t want to foreclose and can often offer you other great solutions to help.

Solution #2 – Loan Refinancing – Loan refinancing is another of the many foreclosure assistance solutions that is a great option for you. When you have an adjustable rate mortgage, this is definitely a top solution, since you can often save quite a bit in interest. This is a top way to avoid foreclosure but is not always an option.

Solution #3 – Forbearance – Forbearance on your loan can help you reduce your mortgage payments or even delay them for a time period without legal action. If you have dealt with a job loss or extreme financial problems, this is one of the top foreclosure assistance solutions to check into.

Solution #4 – Pre-Foreclosure Sales – If you are not interested in keeping your home and you’d rather make sure that you save your credit and avoid a foreclosure, pre-foreclosure sales can provide you with an excellent option.

Solution #5 – Repayment Plan – Some companies will offer special repayment plans that are great foreclosure assistance solutions. This is a very common method used and includes your lender allowing you to repay the past due amounts by adding part of it to your monthly payment each month so you can get caught up.

Solution #6 – Short Sale – A short sale is not one of the top foreclosure assistance solutions, and it means you’ll be giving up your home, but it is a good option as a last resort. It allows you to sell your home for less than the mortgage amount, but you’ll have to get your lender to agree to it.

Solution #7 – Deed in Lieu – Last of all, deed in lieu is another one of the many foreclosure assistance solutions available, but there are some big disadvantages. While it does help you to avoid foreclosure, it can still damage your credit.

These are just a few of the top foreclosure assistance solutions options that you have today. It’s important that you understand your options and how they work so you can make sure that you don’t get caught off guard by foreclosure. There is help for you if you are dealing with a possible foreclosure, so take the time to find out more about these solutions that are available to you.

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Article Source: The Top 7 Foreclosure Assistance Solutions Options